A bend in the river

A bend in the river: The ship is not lost my friend, the river just bends….

it’s amazing how many people on my team I’ve spoken to recently have just decided to “move on”, some with infants in hand, some just spirited away alone 1000s of miles by siblings to escape the harsh reality, others deciding to leave a good job, to a land far, far away, with all their savings to start anew. Many with a hope that things would change for the better- most with a fear that it won’t. – And then I look back at a time not too long ago, when I was hoping for the bend in the river, and the “collateral damage of living” to vanish- or so we hope. So now you see a person staring blurry eyed at a banana in the grocery, a mother sitting in front of a keyboard at work holding back tears and getting fully immersed in the mundane mechanics of a 9 to 5 job, and the first realizations that life has us all staring at the horizons of our mind for the river to take a bend. So you’re now wondering when the bend in this post is going to happen. 🤔Well it’s that there’s a simple, fun way to do your good deed for the day- call a friend and share a cup of coffee together, smile, lend a ear and assure each other that the river bends just down the road and things would be alright after all. And that’s the only therapy we all need- more coffee! #bendintheriver

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