So, today our maid “laalee” is on leave…. I was a bit amused when Kavitha mentioned it (with what I thought was a dig at me 🤨) that “laalee” wanted to take leave to “celebrate her wedding anniversary”. Ah? The first thing that came to my mind was probably that Kavitha didn’t get the information correctly, ‘cause “laalee” doesn’t speak anything but Malayalam- and we don’t, so… lost in translation? The next thought was “shit. I may have to do the dishes” ☹️. Anyways my surprise was mostly because it’s almost every other week that our maid goes on “sick leave”- yes her husband is an alcoholic and physically abuses her to the point of her requiring a “sterling holiday” timeshare type, 2 day check in at the nearest hospital 🤨, but she’s back the next day, all chirpy and goes about her chores. Now, enough with all the details- my mind was still trying to go around the fact that she was “celebrating” her wedding anniversary… hmm! Made me think that there’s a subtle difference between the words “acceptance” and “resignation”. When you lie on your back and watch the clouds go by without expecting it to form shapes you want- that’s “acceptance”, and it comes with a “freedom to respond”- either leaving an abusive relationship or “celebrating” the good times. When you react to a situation through resistance, and non acceptance, you lose your mind and carry that negative mindset, bitterness and self pity as you move along- that’s “resignation”. Now there’s some Kitkat in the refrigerator I need to go and test my theory on… accept or resign. Your choice! #acceptance #laalee

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