Letting go

So, its that time of the year again in office – talk performance and rewards with staff. You have to come to terms with the fact that you can’t have everyone happy, but the key is to be fair. Its about having those awkward conversations, and setting expectations. It’s about plotting your team on a “bell-curve”- a small % of folks you see a future and invest in going forward, a large population of “worker bees” (acquaintances you want to stay connected with) and a small % at the bottom who are slowing you down and you should “let go” off. Hmmm. Just reminded me that we are the CEO of our own lives too, and we need to be willing to do all of the above with the people in our lives, if we want to take control of it. Take a good look at the people you want to keep close, and invest in those relationships, make those “no agenda” calls to your acquaintances, and don’t forget to have those awkward conversations and be ready to “let go” of people you would cross an ocean for, but you know wouldn’t even jump a puddle for you when it matters. Hmm, okay now, I got to go ponder on what I have done to make sure I stay at the right end of the “bell curve” with people that matter to me… 🤨 #omtruths #themorningblade

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