Madras day

#nammachennai Morning walks on a chennai beach – corncobs strewn on the sand -like dildos after a wild night, “maamis” in saris and nikes walking and talking furiously about advising a son in the US to leave for a startup if the transfer is not given, “maama” walking with a brown tee shirt 2 sizes too small and a dab of saffron paste of his forehead, beach bums on the shoreline in the distance (no literally!!), laughter club members standing in a circle on the sand with hands raised and laughing at the top of their voices, walkers returning home like participants at a wet T-shirt contest, dangling a handful of fresh vegetables in plastic bags, a gang of mongrel dogs curled up next to a guy in a lotus position, gang of old grandpas on Honda active scooters sharing “kollakattais”, talk of property deals all around, a young plainclothes soothsayer deciphering a small note to a very disturbed looking couple, red rose garlands on the shore-line sharing space with a dead puffer fish, expat in cycling shorts running to the beat of Sony headphones, young girl at the wheel of a small Korean car learning to drive and weaving through the crowd. slowly- like a Barcelona terrorist on a test run, the “jigardanda” vendor and the high speed broadband salesman try to out-smile each other as they handout their pamphlets to you, teenage boys participating in games of soccer, rugby? And cricket. #Soulcurry. #madrasday

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