Personal Truths

Any place there’s going to be points of views- there’s going to be stress, because not all views are going to be in line with our beliefs. Social media is a typical example. I’ve had to take Facebook “sabbaticals” in the past, sometimes even sadly block acquaintances I’ve known for years, etc. Then I realized- I don’t need to necessarily agree with people. If I say “the sky is blue”, and someone says “no it’s green”- I now just shrug my shoulders in my mind and just say “okay” and move on. We’re not here to seek approval, acceptance or validation of our thoughts – are we? the “blueness” of my sky is not threatened by how “green” anybody else sees it. Does it? Someone may think the current PM is gods gift to mankind, which is based on his/ her “personal truths” made up of individual values and beliefs, etc. I may disagree, but then there are no “real truths” out there- it’s only “personal truths”. What technology, AI and ML are doing these days is to cultivate strong biases. Have you noticed how google recommends articles and ranks results based on your previous search patterns, etc. So now we live in a crazy world of strong biases and cultivated opinions, and social media has given everyone a platform to air them openly and not always with responsibility. So the next time you see someone post something that doesn’t fall in line with your thinking, stop and think and don’t react angrily- just understand that it’s just their “personal truth” they’re expressing, and by reacting angrily, you just let people know that you don’t fully believe in your own personal truth and feel threatened. … Smile and move on my friend- smile and move on! #personaltruths

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