The third appam

“The Third Appam”… So once you are at a certain age bracket, weekends are structured around uninteresting pursuits-Shopping, eating-out and Netflix. Our Sunday mornings start with breakfast at “Paragon”- a decent place for great local food in Trivandrum. If you’re a contract killer on a mission to eliminate me ( yes, believe me I’ve given a lot of people reason to do so… 😂) – 8:15 am.- Every Sunday. Paragon. We go to the same table. order 2 appams, 2 kerala parottas , nadan chicken curry and 2 chais… yes. Same place. Same table. Same order. EVERY Sunday. But then some sundays, I go for the “third Appam”-not because I’m hungry, but just to change things a bit. Kavitha shakes her head, the music stops, the waiter looks at me, smiles, and comes back with the hottest, most delicious appam ever. It probably tastes as good as the first two, but then THIS appam is indulgence, the forbidden fruit, the reason it’s all worth it…. when was the last time you stretched it, when your mind said “enough”, but your heart said “go for it”, and you did. I’ve regretted the choice sometimes the next day, headaches, stomach upset, etc- but the slightly obese, the not SO successful, the folks who’re always silver medalists, are the guys who’re finally grinning the widest on the podium. So the next time you feel like going the extra mile, an extra round of scotch, adding an additional something to your kids allowance, pulling yourself to do an extra dance on the floor, wondering if you should add an additional 50 rupees for the waiter- smile and do it, ‘cause happiness in life sometimes finally boils down to letting go and giving in. #the3rdappam

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