Want to succeed- Make you bed…

It was my dads birthday last week, and one among the many, many things he taught me without intending to do so was – making your bed in the morning. Yes, my dad was an airforce man, and he literally jumped out of bed even in those days when we didn’t even have “spring” mattresses. 🤦‍♂️ He could have slept at 2pm after a party, but he got up at 5:30.am, every day without setting a clock, till the day he died. The first thing he did on getting up was brush, make a flask full of strong chai for the entire family and then “make the bed”. My dad took pride in how perfect he could make his bed. He would fold the sheets and smoothen every wrinkle with his palm- till it was picture perfect. I never got the lesson then, but now as I grow older I realized how a small act of starting the day off by making your bed, sets you up with the right frame of mind for a very productive day. (a) Firstly, When you look at your impression on the bed every morning with “awareness”, it reminds us to be thankful and humble – thankful that we’ve been given another chance and humble because finally however much we’ve achieved in life, when you leave – any trace that you ever were here would only be a small impression you leave- a wrinkle at best (b) Next, getting out of bed was the hard part, so knowing that you did it, should put you in a positive frame of mind, and help you feel that you’ve accomplished something- however small it may be, and then you can set out to go through your tasks for the day. Now making your bed isn’t exactly something that all of us look forward to doing- so ensuring you get it done first sets you up to tackle other such uncomfortable tasks we usually keep putting off for later (c) I’ve also found that coming back home/ hotel late in the evening after a long day and having a clean, nicely made bed, helps your mind slowly start switching off – and hopefully to a good nights sleep. Want your kids to grow up, be successful and change the world? – teach them to start the day off by making their beds. I’m not guaranteeing they’re going to all end up at NASA because you insisted on them making their bed growing up – but even if they don’t, they’ll at least have a good bed to go back to and cry themselves to sleep. 😂

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