Owning up to “Yesterday” …

Paul Mc Cartneys “Yesterday” is probably the most done cover song of all time, and the version done by Marvin Gaye is considered by many as the most profound interpretation of the song. Sadly though at the verse where Paul MC Cartney went “ I said something wrong….”, Marvin goes “I *must’ve*_ said something wrong…”. Hmmm, sometimes it’s difficult for us to own up fully even when it’s someone else’s song. 🤷‍♂️ I have many a time got into sticky situations where I should not have said something, probably a wise crack I thought was funny at that time – but definitely inappropriate and hurt someone’s feeling. It’s only later that I keep tossing and turning the incident in my head, angry at myself for being such a jackass and wondering how to salvage the situation. I’ve realized a good place to start is to acknowledge the infraction and accept full responsibility. Next, It doesn’t need to be an elaborate, finely crafted discourse- even a few sentences, delivered with sincerity, can work miracles not only for the other party but in building our own character. Also if you’re thinking that an incident has warranted an apology, it’s only appropriate that delivering it via a call, or face to face shows you have the right intent to make amends. So however much a text/ whatsapp message may seem okay in this day and age – don’t! And finally timing, I’ve seen a lot of people losing the opportunity to make amends- you see folks just torn from the inside at funerals- sometimes close family, just regretting that they didn’t set things right earlier. Okay now I’ve got to go make a few calls. 😂 … a lot of them Infact. 🤨

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