Okay so let me get this off my chest – I’m an Arnold schwarzenegger fan.

C’mon how can you not just shake your head and marvel at probably the biggest underdog in the history of underdogs- a surname no one could pronounce, humble Austrian beginnings, unconventional looks, with a gap between his front teeth so big, you literally needed to hang a screen in there to keep the bees away from his tonsils.

Anyways “Arnold” never stopped laughing at his flaws, never took “no” for an answer and never stopped following his dreams, however foolish they may have seemed.

Become Mr. Universe? “Shuur….” Hollywood’s most successful hero? “Whahyee not?” ….. Marry into the “Kennedy” family? “Ahbsolootly….” become governor of a state he’s still trying to pronounce- “kahlifohrnia ?”. “Yhaah”

Don’t get me wrong- we got to work on our weaknesses to be “successful”. However I personally think the secret to “happiness” on the road to success is in learning to accept and embrace the “little flaws”… the little chips…the little scars that define each of us uniquely and make us who we are.

I have a laundry list myself – a little sarcasm… little mood swings through the week that vanish magically down the weekend…. bad joke machine when drunk,… and the list goes on. However my quirks haven’t killed anyone- YET, so I just go ahead and wear my flaws unapologetically and with pride like a tattoo, and I’m very slowly learning to accept the little ones in the people I care about. I’ve realized it’s pointless striving to become someone I’m not and maintaining a facade is exhausting and strips you of your authentic self.

So now. Lemme deside if I need to spell chek this post … Naah!

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