Lowering your expectations

I just realized that the secret to #happiness as you get older is – lowering your standards and expectations of others and more importantly of yourself… yes. And the best way to know if you’re getting older is to check if you miss the days when the only “problems” that kept you awake at night started with…” if Gopal had 7 apples, and gave ram 2 apples, how many apples did Gopal have? …”. Hmmm! So there if you feel your problems are getting bigger than that – don’t worry, it’s just that you are getting older, and the first thing to do is lower your expectations …. for example, is your “to do” list stressing you out? Lower your standards and start writing stuff you can quickly strike off as complete at the start of the day and set yourself up with a positive frame of mind … start off the list with “get up”, don’t add a time – just “get up”, jump out of bed. Smile – have you thought about the number of people that die in their sleep? – yes, just getting up in the morning in itself is an achievement, pat yourself on the back- you’ve just started off the day striking off 1 item on your to do list. Treat yourself with a short nap. Next continue sitting on the side of your bed like a psychopath and take a few deep breaths like “sadhguru” taught you in that youtube video – relax. “breathe”, remember every time you breathe – you’re helping save the planet, by letting out much required carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, so then, feel good already? Strike off item number 2 “save the planet” on your list. Finally, carry a small bag of “f**ks” in your mind to give to people who seem to be spoiling your peace through the day. Keep it in your mind though. Somebody not stopping the bickering? Simple, just smile, reach out into your little mind bag and pick up a nice little “f**k” and throw it gently in their general direction and walk on- life is too short to have people disturbing your peace of mind. I see a lot of new staff on my team getting married lately – that’s a double whammy? So my advise is even more relevant to you- have low expectations of your partner if you want a happy married life- and when things still don’t work- and you want it to- have NO expectations… 2 hands? 2 legs? Breathing? – sure. Same case with your job- you’re here to earn a living- not gain validation as a person, so get the job done and have a life outside of work. I got to go now, i need to drop this post and reach into my little bag in a hurry. 🤨

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