Butter Dosa

Road trips are only as good as the company you drag along and the food that’s dished out. Was driving with family between bangalore and Goa and wanted to try an offbeat eating place for breakfast and so I did what every self respecting guy would do- call a biker. In this case – Bipin Das. Long story short, we stopped at this nondescript “hole-In-the-wall” restaurant at the historical town of devanagiri in Karnataka. No menu card cause they only have one offering – “butter dosa”. It was VERY delicious though and probably very unhealthy too, as each dosa, came with a fortnights worth of calories in one sitting well worth a triple bypass. A pair of Soft, hot, buttery delights ( … not sure if that reads right…🤨) served with coconut chutney and what else? – More butter. Ditch that new years resolution to lose weight and make the trip. Once done – curl yourself up in the fetal position and make gurgling noises, until someone drags you by your feet and shouts- “it’s a boy”. #Triplebypass. #indtravel #foodie #travel

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